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Tocaly arrangement entry display

Simple and Intuitive Arrangement

Solution to a stress free scheduling Less rescheduling caused by double-booking Simple and intuitive operation

Tocaly arrangement entry display

Arrangement flow

Create candidate date and time

Create candidate date and time

Select candidate date and time from calendar. No presetting required.

Send URL

Send URL

Send the URL to the other party by email or messenger. The URL always reflects the status of your latest candidate date and time.

Choose from candidate timeslots and complete

Choose from candidate timeslots and complete

The invitee simply chooses the preferred date and time from the suggested timeslots in the calendar. You can also connect your calendar for easy scheduling.

Step 1

Simple and easy to understand design

Just set the event name, duration of the meeting, candidate date and time

Simple and easy-to-use arrangement display

How to create candidate timeslots ❶

Just drag vertically and horizontally on the calendar to choose timeslot

You can choose a candidate date and time as if you were selecting a cell in a spreadsheet or Excel. You can select a wide range or make detailed suggestions for a specific time.

Simply drag and pick

How to create candidate timeslots ❷

Weekly templates

Simply select candidate date/time to create a recurring weekly template.

Display calendar events

Display calendar events

Candidate timeslots are suggested for easy multi-participant arrangements.

There is no need to go back and forth between calendars and emails to export suggestions. The URL always reflects the latest arrangement status. Schedules added later are also automatically excluded from the candidates so, you do not need to block with temporary holdings or worry about double booking even if the schedule adjustment runs at the same time. * Your connected calendar schedules are not visible to other users. * Compatible with Google / Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Step 2

Share candidate date and time by URL

Send the URL by email or messenger. Even if the candidate time is filled after sending, it will be automatically excluded from the candidate time.

Send URL by email
Send URL by Messenger

Step 3

Easy-to-use for your invitees

Open the URL and confirm the schedule from the set candidate time. The other party can make adjustments without creating an account, so there is no need to worry about time and effort.

Unavailable timeslots will be automatically excluded from candidate timeslots.

Simple input!

Simple input!

Scheduled events on your calendar are also visible.

Scheduled events on your calendar are also visible.

I can see what I have scheduled before and after!

I can see what I have scheduled before and after!

After the arrangement is confirmed

Automated email notification are sent when arrangements are confirmed

Receive an email when an arrangement is confirmed. The event will also be automatically registered in other calendars such as Google / Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Notification email will be sent when arrangement is confirmed
Confirmed arrangements will also be registered to your connected calendar.

Supports Zoom, Google Meet, Teams

Free yourself from the hassle of organizing online meetings

When you link Zoom, Google Meet or Teams, meeting URL's are automatically generated, attached to the schedule and sent via email. Freeing you from the hassle of creating URL's and sending emails yourself.

Zoom, Google Meet, Teams meeting URL will be automatically issued when an event is confirmed.

Tocaly can not create a new arrangement page on smartphones. Please use a PC. However, those who received an arrangement URL can make adjustments on their smartphones.

Try Tocaly for free

Are you tired of running around making arrangements to your schedule? Start using Tocaly instantly using your Google / Microsoft account!

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No more miscommunication trying to schedule appointments

Tocaly is a simple and optimal solution to manage appointments. Tocaly team members are assembled by TimeTree developers devoted to using their deep understanding and skills in bringing you the best appointment arrangement solution.

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